Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lust of God Withers

Lust of God Withers
by Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco aka Ultionem Vinco)
The etic to emic three from one above
To centers white with fruit of tortures cursed
In Geihinom to seethe with blood of dove
That flows in veins of dome with flesh immersed.
The limit measures middle angel's pace
And hands of Hoirae weave the thread of lives
As sphere the globe to spin around the case
And grip of iron holds the left of fives.
The giant Azael to form the sight
of beauty fear and loss of forceful gaze
As angels enter wielding swords of light
And lambent blades to throw the form to maze.
From Bag to ether fruit of tree to die
In net of flesh with white to color's cry.

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