Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sadomasochism Of Cenobytes

Sadomasochism Of Cenobytes
by Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco aka Ultionem Vinco)
The promise vain of victims low as slaves
ensnares the hopeful niggard wanting light
From pain of cells beneath as tyrant raves
Excuses thrown at madness under plight.
The maniac receives the oaths as base
Of disappointing cost for damned in hole
Of feeling torture under yelling mace
To strike the sense as spikes enforcing toll.
The ganglionic rape of victims felt
As vengeance draining vortex whirling round
And screams of power fail the damage dealt
For loss of wonderland as underground.
The cenobytes revolve the pain as tools
And vessels draining down the hole of fools.

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