Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Air Of Saint Damien

The Air Of Saint Damien
by Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco aka Ultionem Vinco)
Tobacco deadens sense of drainage down
Beneath the smoke of lethargy to drown
In waters of Lethe forgetting strife
And tedium floats ripples cast from life.
The marijuana laced with crystals white
Above tobacco dwarfed beneath the flight
Of warm euphoric expanse set in soul
And boat of Ra oblivious sails hole.
The blood shot eyes dilate with cracks in flesh
Of optic nerves in haze of smoke as mesh
And black rocks miniscule contained in gout
Drain willow of wisp withering soul out.
Awakening to headaches' throbbing pain
The apoplectic shroud befogs the brain
And inflammation swells membrane with smoke
As ashen wraiths from tar infect and stoke.
Dark brown brain matter filled with dens of gas
Oppresses will as bane congested mass
And hook to stomache sick attempting more
Spews bloody pain in throat and chest for core.
The hive or death is fate of bodies hurt
With tar and gases heavy over dirt.

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