Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moirae's Threads Leading Lives

Moirae's Threads Leading Lives
by Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco aka Ultionem Vinco)
Uranus feared the nothing light to breed
The Titans overcoming father old
As Cronus wielded sickle stained for need
With poisoned blood and severed skin as bold.
Usurper Cronus feared the prophet earth
Of Gaia telling future Titan's son
To throw his father's stationary birth
To fires of Hades burning never one.
Together gods and Zeus to slay the whim
Of father's sickle throwing Typhon down
Deformed the demon conquered mount to swim
In lava Helespont has spawned to drown.
The one was thrown Atlantis teaching wise
And Cronus Zeus to ever dwell with thighs.

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