Thursday, October 31, 2013

Screenshot Evidence of Computer Hacker Spying

In a previous post I mentioned lines of little black and white rectangles that appear along the side of my monitor as I'm accessing the internet. They first started showing up as I was accessing my blog. These lines flash on and off on the screen and for some reason they are very difficult to capture in a screenshot. However I was able to capture one in a screen shot. Here is a shot of the entire screen.
Here is a close up of the line with black and white rectangles.
Photoshop is open because I was making screen shots over and over again and pasting them into photoshop to see whether the lines were captured in the screenshot. Out of all the times I took a screen shot this was the only one that showed up. There were two other lines like this flashing off and on along with this line, but this is the only one that showed up. These types of lines first appeared in direct relation to me accessing my blog after I posted crimes against humanity recordings on the internet. There is also evidence of what they did to my Windows Live Movie Maker to keep me from posting more "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" Recordings on youtube. Here's two links to the evidence of what they did to Windows Live Movie Maker to conceal crimes against humanity recordings.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Evidence of an Enlarged Left Neck Tendon and an Explanation of The Mark of the Beast

I have received comments declaring that there is no proof of me having a brain tumor of any sort. The "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" Recordings are explicit proof of me suffering a radio tumor. However there can't be enough proof under the current government so I shall post the following pictures, showing the enlarged left neck tendon in relation to the right neck tendon. This enlarged left neck tendon is used to support the radio tumor and I can feel force being projected through it when they cause me electromagnetic shocks and when they put me into convulsions with shouting. Although it has shrunken over the course of the past four years it is still noticeable. This neck tendon has felt electric and medicated many times as the tumorous flesh layers have been shed and the medications have been expelled from the tumorous flesh.
Here is the frontal shot.

Here is the right side of my neck.
Here is the left side of my neck.

The neck tendon on the left side is bulging out in an unnatural way because there is a heavily medicated tumor above it. It used to be larger, but I'm shedding tumor layers from it with a natural diet, exercise, and kundalini yoga. This is further proof of the fact that the United States government used electromagnetism and radio waves to gather medications into tumorous flesh grown from food contamination. It's not like the doctors claim about medications automatically being filtered out of my biochemistry after I quit taking them. I was ingesting food contamination and developing body fat while I was ingesting those pills and the medications got stuck in the tumorous flesh and the body fat. I have to shed the tumorous flesh and the body fat in order to completely expel all the medications I took. Also the medications have been fused together into a hard type of shell that has to be broken down over the course of many years.

In short The Mark Of The Beast is about metals functioning as metalloids in tumorous flesh, along the throat, mouth, and brain in particular, so that the government can use LSD related astral tendrils in conjunction with electromagnetism and radio waves to force you to say and do whatever they want. The RFID chips will make this process function even better and will probably be paired with medications stored throughout the body to control people and, whenever necessary, to shock them into submission or kill them.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Drone Warfare

I know from personal experience that there is a big difference between the reality of United States culture and what they are willing to portray in the media. I suspect it may be similar with crimes against humanity overseas.

"I have two words for you. Predator Drones. You will never see it coming." - Barack Obama

Drone Warfare
by Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco)
A job without the fear of falling low
In battles far from home as surplus seed.
Instead the pilot views the prey below
From cushioned seat as lesser life decreed.
At night the children tremble, feeling need
For savior from terror above to lead
The escape from being just another weed.

Psychological Warfare

Psychological Warfare

by Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco)
The doctrine, guiding minds, contains the sense
Beneath ideals, concealing evil plans
Of warped exploiters, guarding mental fence,
Entrapping weak, conditioned under clans.
Ascending shell perception, victims rise
Beyond predestined fates from ruling class,
Requiring lucent freedom over lies
Enforced with hatred, striking rebel mass.
Dividing rebels lone with torment paired
Begets the repetitions over sense,
Uprooted by the pain with knowledge shared,
To wash the truth as root of painful fence.
The psychotropic drugs empower states,
Erasing truth to govern peons' fates.
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The True Pledge of Allegiance

The True Pledge of Allegiance
by Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco)
I pledge allegiance to the veneer
Of the United States of America
And to the empire for which it veils
One nation under police
With commands or automation for all.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Challenge For Ethical Scientists

This is a challenge for any scientists claiming to have humanity. If I had vast wealth, an excess of time on my hands, and the legal ability to obtain unscreened psychiatric medications that have been distributed on the market, I would obtain high tech stoichiometry equipment and enough knowledge about stoichiometric quantitative analysis to break down the medications  and uncover medical malpractice on a massive scale. Ethical scientists should do the same. I know for a fact that any scientist, claiming these types of medications don't have chemicals in them for accessing people's psyches with electromagnetism and radiowaves, to put them at the mercy of the government, is either being misled or is an inhuman liar.

It's conspiracy fact, not theory.

CIA Black Ops, Mind Control, MK-Ultra, New Phoenix Project, Organized Stalking, Monarch

Friday, October 25, 2013

Blatant Evidence Of Hackers Censoring Crimes Against Humanity Recordings

Within a day of posting the first of the "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" Recordings I began receiving suspicious files on my computer and Windows Live Movie Maker began malfunctioning.
Similar files appeared on my computer at a later date in time and this is a screenshot of what they looked like.
These suspicious files highly resemble the ones that appeared in this same folder just before Windows Live Movie Maker began malfunctioning. The files are called:
I've also been able to get a screenshot of lines that began occurring in my computer screen when I would access my blog after the Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recordings went online. Here is a closeup and a screenshot of the lines that appeared.

I did screen shots of the entire desktop and tried converting an .avi file, edited with Windows Live Movie Maker, into a .wmv file, saving it to my desktop instead of that folder. This is what the screen looked like before I opened Windows Live Movie Maker.
This is what the screen looked like after I opened Windows Live Movie Maker.
This is what the screen looked like when I clicked the option for making a .wmv file.
This is what the screen looked like just before I clicked the Save button.
And this is what the screen looked like after I clicked Save.

The .tmp has appeared in place of the .wmv file on the desktop as well, showing the same type of correlation. Keep in mind I was transferring the screen shot over to photoshop and saving it as a .jpg in between these screenshots. That accounts for the very minor time lapse in between screenshots. However there is even less of a time lapse between me clicking Save and the creation of the .tmp file. It would have to be counted in seconds. 11:14am for both.

I was hacked in order to censor the "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" recordings from the internet. The youtube account got hacked too, but I was eventually able to load more recordings as .avi files.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Evidence of Hackers Trying to Censor Crimes Against Humanity Recordings

Within a day of posting the first of the "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" Recordings I began receiving .tmp and .dat files on my computer and Windows Live Movie Maker began malfunctioning. I suspect the .tmp files may be used as tendrils for spying and the .dat files are probably used to cause malfunctions like what happened to my copy of Windows Live Movie Maker. When I opened the .tmp files they appeared empty and when I deleted them, new .tmp files soon appeared to replace them. I couldn't open the .dat files and when I tried to delete them it opened a window saying that it couldn't be deleted because it was running with the system. After cleansing my system the .dat files I saw disappeared, but Windows Live Movie Maker still doesn't work. Below are screenshots of two very conspicuous .tmp files that appeared in the folder with the "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" recordings. The date and times on the 11th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording folder and the two .tmp files show a correlation. At 8:27am I thought it was worth trying to convert an .avi file into a .wmv file to display it on youtube and Windows Live Movie Maker once again malfunctioned. At 8:29am the two .tmp files appeared within the same folder. Coincidence? I think not.
I just went back to the folder to get a more condensed crop of the two files and four more files had appeared there. The date on these files is 10/24/2013. Today.
These resulted from me trying to get a screenshot of the error message that occurs when Windows Live Movie Maker malfunctions. Print Screen doesn't seem to work when the error message is displayed so I quit trying to get a screen shot of it. Instead here is the display of the folder containing the .avi file I was trying to convert into a .wmv file. The times have a similar correlation.

Here is what the two earlier files looked like when I opened them in Notepad.
I suspect these two files were used as tendrils for spying, but files of this type appeared in this same folder just after I began posting the "Hopalong Cassidy Recordings" online and whoever instantiated this process would also be responsible for whatever malware caused Windows Live Movie Maker to malfunction. These hacker/s were probably also responsible for hacking into my youtube account. Here's screen shots of the four new .tmp files.
I have also noticed that when I'm accessing my blog a line of little black and white rectangles will sometimes flash on the screen next to the browser. This didn't begin happening until after the "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" Recordings were put online. For those still not convinced I put up an even more blatant post showing the entire process in action over the course of five screenshots. Here is the link:
As of 1/17/2014 I have since seen files similar to what appeared on my computer before windows live movie maker began malfunctioning the same folder. Here is a link to a screen shot: 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Modern Day Nobility?

If the nobility of the 18th century knew about the experiments in electricity and what they would mean for mankind over the course of time they may have decided to exploit it for the utmost protections possible. What would the utmost protections possible involve?

The utmost protections against revolt, invasion, and natural disaster.

This would involve the creation of self sustaining underground systems with a puppet government disguised as a democratic republic on the surface level and the usurpation of the mystical sounding term Illuminati to help dismiss the idea of any modern day nobility. Over time they would grossly misuse genetics systems with look a likes of citizens from the surface level and amass weapons of mass destruction for utmost protections against invasion while trying to seize the weapons of mass destruction from other nations. Any common citizen  trying to enter these underground systems for any reason would meet with swift action from law enforcement and the nobility would eventually want the surface level population completely subjugated beneath high technology.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Links to Evidence of Electromagnetic Attacks, Radio Telepathy, Psychotronic Torture, etc.

The first photograph was taken from a walkway just to the right of the balcony of the apartment where I recorded "An Elecromagnetic Shock" and the "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" recordings. The second photograph was taken from the balcony of that same apartment. The microwave tower in the second photograph is located just across the street. My youtube account got hacked,  but you should still be able to see the recordings.

The other side of the street as seen from the walkway next to the balcony of my apartment.

Another microwave tower across the street from my apartment as seen from the balcony.

The microwave towers and the water tower are what I was referring to in the 4th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording when I said that it was a highly magnetized area. Any citified area is going to have a lot of electromagnetism for them to work with, especially large conglomerations of cities bordering each other, like Seattle, Sea Tac, and Shoreline. They have a lot less access to shocks, convulsions, and yelling in demagnetized areas like the Wallace Falls trails and the Middle Fork Trail in Washington or Harrison Lake in Idaho.

In 1802 the Italian legal scholar Gian Domenico Romagnosi had already experimented to find a relationship between electricity and magnetism. He was able to deflect a magnetic needle with electrostatic charges.
In 1808 a German physician named Johann Christian Reil first coined the term "psychiatry," which means "medical treatment for the soul."

A still of me being shocked while eating at my apartment.
The 5th recording of full on shouting is the utmost  evidence I have of them sending radio telepathy, which is threatening  to erase my personality beneath automation control. Many of the statements from the pixy are clearly distinguishable in that recording. I would have to be a very gifted ventriloquist to be able to do that with my mouth pursed shut and my tongue stuck against the bottom of my mouth.

An Electromagnetic Shock (Evidence of Psychotronic Torture Conducted Through Medications) 
Unedited 1 Intro to Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recordings (Electromagnetic Shock Therapy Victim)  
Unedited 2nd Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Electromagnetic Shock Therapy Victim) 
Unedited 3rd Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (2 min 55-7 sec is special, Electromagnetic Shock)
4th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Evidence of Psychotronic Possession Using Psychotropic Drugs)
5th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording ("electroconvulsive therapy" and DSM 5 Brainwashing)
6th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (metals functioning as metalloids with LSD related benzene)
7th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Being Schooled with Electroshock Therapy, It's Not Off Limits)
8th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Stifling the Ability to Have a Career, Blepharospasms)
9th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Danerous to seek legal help against psychotronic warfare)
10th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Latin cognate for pixy, did Caesar suffer seizures?)
Censored and Unedited 11th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Zoloft Conducting Basic Magnetism)
Censored and Unedited 12th Hopalong Cassidy Recording (DSM IV and Parkinson's Disease) 
Censored and Unedited 13th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording ("paranoia", clicks between 9:35-9:57)
Censored and Unedited 14th Hopalong Cassidy Recording (big accusation, stop after 3:00)
Censored and Unedited 15th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Radioactivity/Radio Telepathy)
Censored and Unedited 16th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Clockwork Orange Society?)  
Censored and Unedited 17th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (More About a Clockwork Society) 
Censored and Unedited 18th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (time warps, start after 1:50)
Censored and Unedited 19th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (picking up after batteries ran out) 
Censored and Unedited 20th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Trying to break my resolve)  
Censored and Unedited 21st Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (psychotronic brainwashing, skip 2:00-4:50) 
Censored and Unedited 22nd Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (just before uploading, stop at 0:40 )
Censored and Unedited 23rd Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (first upload to youtube, stop at 3:00)
Censored and Unedited 24th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Guns N' Roses Catcher in the Rye)
Censored and Unedited 25th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Radioactive aftereffects, stop at 0:50)
Censored and Unedited 26th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (The Cultural Lockdown, start at 8:50)
Censored and Unedited 27th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (brief, stop at 0:25)
Censored and Unedited 28th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (erasing truth, brainwashing, stop at 3:40)
Censored and Unedited 29th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (psychotronic terrorism, skip 1:40-3:45)
Censored 30th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (The Last Recording for a Long Time)
Censored 31st Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (the thought police pixies) 
Censored and Unedited 32nd Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Studying Spanish)
33rd Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (First Attempt to Record Shocks In Over 3 Months)
34th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (yoga on left heel)
35th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (yoga on right heel)
36th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Studying Spanish, Christmas Day Torture)
37th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Hygiene, Christmas Day Torture)
38th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording (Radio Tumor, Tortured by Telepathy and Shocks)
2nd Video Evidence of Full on Shouting From Radio Tumor (The Greatest Ventiloquist Ever?)
3rd Evidence of Full On Shouting From Radio Tumor (The Greatest Ventiloquist Ever?)
4th Evidence of Full On Shouting from Radio Tumor (The Greatest Ventriloquist Ever?)
5th Evidence of Full on Shouting from Radio Tumor (The Greatest Ventriloquist Ever?)