Saturday, December 22, 2012

Demonic Transmogrifications 2:8

Read the PDF Version of This Epic Mythology Demonic Transmogrificationsby Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco)
Pluto in Scorpio raises sacred rite
Of Kobal, who dedicates tripod at shrine,
In temple of Cresil, to give prophets sight
For auguries, to protect Baal divine.
With water from sacred spring, Kobal washes
Himself clean of stain from Samael's poison
And devotees celebrate conquest with marches
To the temple, as incense fills horizon.
While visiting Kasdeya, Kobal sees
A follower of his sister and desires
Daphne as a lover, seeking decrees
That she give him her hymen, as he conspires.
Forcing Leucippus as Alooph Tzupho
To disguise himself as a female, he sends
His slave to company of sister to show
The slave as follower, while Daphne attends.
At a lake, the followers undress to bathe,
But Tzupho refuses and virgins force
Him to undress and, with insults, they scathe
The slave, whom Kobal tortures hiding the source.
For punishing Tzupho, Kobal demands
Virginity of Daphne and she rejects
Him, so he settles for brute force of hands
And enslaves Daphne as Semyaza under hex.
Kasdeya disowns Semyaza as harlot
And Kobal uses her as consort for sex,
Until he tires of her and pains beset
Her vagina, raped with wood to invert hex.

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