Saturday, December 22, 2012

Demonic Transmogrifications 4:9

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Demonic Transmogrifications
by Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco)
Uranus in Sagittarius creates
Need in Gadril for utmost protections
And she seeks knowledge for bellicose fates,
With other nations enslaved under stations.
With knowledge from Belial, she devises
Plans for construction of arsenal and fleet,
To invade the mainland with violent charges
Onto soil of Baal's victims effete.
Conquering territory of enemies,
Titahiyon establishes empire
Over coastal regions, enslaved by decrees
Of assize, demanding victims for pyre.
Attempting further conquest, the armies fail
Against Baalberith and his legions,
Who take blood of slain into vials and flail
Survivors as traitors to Baal's sons.

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