Saturday, December 22, 2012

Demonic Transmogrifications 6:3

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Demonic Transmogrifications
by Robert Paul Gass (aka Imagines Vinco)
Jupiter in Gemini casts transformation
Of Baal into a lark, raping wife
Of Tyndarues as Alooph Yutheith, to shun
Leda as Corodon, pregnant with strife.
On mountain, Corodon lays in fever
And conceives twins, clinging Gagalos, armed,
And Helen as Agibol to sever
The souls of Troy as Batzrah, split and harmed.
Next, Corodon in fever conceives twins,
Abyssal drain, Gagalin, doomed as lesser,
And Clytemnestra as Flaxon, suffering sins
Of her cruel husband, exploiting her.
Gagalos and Gagalin as Ganglion
Desire cousins and try to abduct them
On their wedding day, but grooms kill lesser one
And Gagalos kills grooms, taking their brides as stem.

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