Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Dreadful Blizzard of Oz

The Dreadful Blizzard Of Oz
By Robert Paul Gass
When Dorothy traveled to the fairy land
Of Oz at night asleep her mind in band
The Munchins enslaved her beneath midget
And The Wizard Of Oz wanted widget.
The Scarecrow of Oz wanted brain as straw
For stupidity's candy bars as law
With pins from The Wizard for mind control
So she could be his Patches and pay toll.
The Tin Man and Ku Klip wanted blood sieve
Full of metals made radioactive
For replacements of flesh with robotics
So she as Tik Tok would obey ticks.
The Cowardly Lion wanted her spine
To fill with fear of their anger divine
So she would fall deeper enslaved as numb
To thoughts of freedom to render her dumb.
Ruggedo wanted Billina's eggs treat
To Nome King who loved Dorothy's mind effete
For caverns crossing brain where nomes reside
To issue commands with mystique to hide.
They forbade her from seeing Ozma friend.
It would be fun and she'd eaten the end
Of all the candy she loved while awake.
They had what they needed now. It wouldn't break.
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