Thursday, October 31, 2013

Screenshot Evidence of Computer Hacker Spying

In a previous post I mentioned lines of little black and white rectangles that appear along the side of my monitor as I'm accessing the internet. They first started showing up as I was accessing my blog. These lines flash on and off on the screen and for some reason they are very difficult to capture in a screenshot. However I was able to capture one in a screen shot. Here is a shot of the entire screen.
Here is a close up of the line with black and white rectangles.
Photoshop is open because I was making screen shots over and over again and pasting them into photoshop to see whether the lines were captured in the screenshot. Out of all the times I took a screen shot this was the only one that showed up. There were two other lines like this flashing off and on along with this line, but this is the only one that showed up. These types of lines first appeared in direct relation to me accessing my blog after I posted crimes against humanity recordings on the internet. There is also evidence of what they did to my Windows Live Movie Maker to keep me from posting more "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" Recordings on youtube. Here's two links to the evidence of what they did to Windows Live Movie Maker to conceal crimes against humanity recordings.

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