Thursday, October 24, 2013

Evidence of Hackers Trying to Censor Crimes Against Humanity Recordings

Within a day of posting the first of the "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" Recordings I began receiving .tmp and .dat files on my computer and Windows Live Movie Maker began malfunctioning. I suspect the .tmp files may be used as tendrils for spying and the .dat files are probably used to cause malfunctions like what happened to my copy of Windows Live Movie Maker. When I opened the .tmp files they appeared empty and when I deleted them, new .tmp files soon appeared to replace them. I couldn't open the .dat files and when I tried to delete them it opened a window saying that it couldn't be deleted because it was running with the system. After cleansing my system the .dat files I saw disappeared, but Windows Live Movie Maker still doesn't work. Below are screenshots of two very conspicuous .tmp files that appeared in the folder with the "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" recordings. The date and times on the 11th Hopalong Cassidy Tumor Recording folder and the two .tmp files show a correlation. At 8:27am I thought it was worth trying to convert an .avi file into a .wmv file to display it on youtube and Windows Live Movie Maker once again malfunctioned. At 8:29am the two .tmp files appeared within the same folder. Coincidence? I think not.
I just went back to the folder to get a more condensed crop of the two files and four more files had appeared there. The date on these files is 10/24/2013. Today.
These resulted from me trying to get a screenshot of the error message that occurs when Windows Live Movie Maker malfunctions. Print Screen doesn't seem to work when the error message is displayed so I quit trying to get a screen shot of it. Instead here is the display of the folder containing the .avi file I was trying to convert into a .wmv file. The times have a similar correlation.

Here is what the two earlier files looked like when I opened them in Notepad.
I suspect these two files were used as tendrils for spying, but files of this type appeared in this same folder just after I began posting the "Hopalong Cassidy Recordings" online and whoever instantiated this process would also be responsible for whatever malware caused Windows Live Movie Maker to malfunction. These hacker/s were probably also responsible for hacking into my youtube account. Here's screen shots of the four new .tmp files.
I have also noticed that when I'm accessing my blog a line of little black and white rectangles will sometimes flash on the screen next to the browser. This didn't begin happening until after the "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" Recordings were put online. For those still not convinced I put up an even more blatant post showing the entire process in action over the course of five screenshots. Here is the link:
As of 1/17/2014 I have since seen files similar to what appeared on my computer before windows live movie maker began malfunctioning the same folder. Here is a link to a screen shot: 

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