Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Evidence of an Enlarged Left Neck Tendon and an Explanation of The Mark of the Beast

I have received comments declaring that there is no proof of me having a brain tumor of any sort. The "Hopalong Cassidy Tumor" Recordings are explicit proof of me suffering a radio tumor. However there can't be enough proof under the current government so I shall post the following pictures, showing the enlarged left neck tendon in relation to the right neck tendon. This enlarged left neck tendon is used to support the radio tumor and I can feel force being projected through it when they cause me electromagnetic shocks and when they put me into convulsions with shouting. Although it has shrunken over the course of the past four years it is still noticeable. This neck tendon has felt electric and medicated many times as the tumorous flesh layers have been shed and the medications have been expelled from the tumorous flesh.
Here is the frontal shot.

Here is the right side of my neck.
Here is the left side of my neck.

The neck tendon on the left side is bulging out in an unnatural way because there is a heavily medicated tumor above it. It used to be larger, but I'm shedding tumor layers from it with a natural diet, exercise, and kundalini yoga. This is further proof of the fact that the United States government used electromagnetism and radio waves to gather medications into tumorous flesh grown from food contamination. It's not like the doctors claim about medications automatically being filtered out of my biochemistry after I quit taking them. I was ingesting food contamination and developing body fat while I was ingesting those pills and the medications got stuck in the tumorous flesh and the body fat. I have to shed the tumorous flesh and the body fat in order to completely expel all the medications I took. Also the medications have been fused together into a hard type of shell that has to be broken down over the course of many years.

In short The Mark Of The Beast is about metals functioning as metalloids in tumorous flesh, along the throat, mouth, and brain in particular, so that the government can use LSD related astral tendrils in conjunction with electromagnetism and radio waves to force you to say and do whatever they want. The RFID chips will make this process function even better and will probably be paired with medications stored throughout the body to control people and, whenever necessary, to shock them into submission or kill them.

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