Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Modern Day Nobility?

If the nobility of the 18th century knew about the experiments in electricity and what they would mean for mankind over the course of time they may have decided to exploit it for the utmost protections possible. What would the utmost protections possible involve?

The utmost protections against revolt, invasion, and natural disaster.

This would involve the creation of self sustaining underground systems with a puppet government disguised as a democratic republic on the surface level and the usurpation of the mystical sounding term Illuminati to help dismiss the idea of any modern day nobility. Over time they would grossly misuse genetics systems with look a likes of citizens from the surface level and amass weapons of mass destruction for utmost protections against invasion while trying to seize the weapons of mass destruction from other nations. Any common citizen  trying to enter these underground systems for any reason would meet with swift action from law enforcement and the nobility would eventually want the surface level population completely subjugated beneath high technology.

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