Friday, July 19, 2013

Thought Police (aka Pixy) Descriptions

I had already been suffering voices before I quit the
medications, smoking, and former foods. However, after I
began an all natural food diet using fish protein, daily exercise,
kundalini yoga, and daily shredding of my brain tumors with
my jaw line, the voices became far more personalized and
openly violent, claiming that they were the astral equivalents
of law enforcement in physical.

They have pushed themselves into my brain violently from
 a tumor in the left side of my brain near my left ear,
causing the head and sometimes the entire body to convulse.
They have caused me chronic nerve pain, feelings of drainage,
agonizing physical pressure, and violent shocks that caused
me to feel dazed and felt like electricity splitting my brain
apart. They have also shown a need to speak over my
jaw line and try to seize control of my mouth to speak
through me. This resulted in them yelling violently through
my throat as I muffled them. My brother complained and
said, "It doesn't sound like you. It scares me." The pixies then
acted smug and joked about my family members having
auditory hallucinations also. However the access to sadism
on my brain and body is diminishing more over  time and
becoming more isolated to the source of their voices in
that tumor near my left ear. They call that tumor their
"hopalong cassidy." They have lost the dazing form of
shocks that they were giving me just to the left of the
center of my brain and have to do it with weird radio
bandwidth like sounds coming  from the source itself.
It also appears they may have lost their access to shouting
through the throat loud enough for other people to hear them.
They  are now very into me turning 36 soon and claiming
that its a midlife crisis that made me want to change
everything. They are obviously desperate for medications
and former foods, especially microwave foods in order
to maintain access to my brain and probably even get
enhancements. I fear a fate worse than death if I do
get forced onto either of those things.

There are three main types of pixies that I have noticed
and those that don't claim to be police talk up police
like they are the utmost important part of the human
1. Shrill pixies are special for nerve pain with whining
and asking asinine questions, especialy rhetorical
questions. If a victim of pixies doesn't answer the
rhetorical questions or get angry, the pixies will get
angry and start acting more violent.  They refer to it as
"raiding our smug."
2. Billowing pixies are special for mania with yelling,
shocks to the head, and acting authoritative.  They
usually come along when all else fails and it is very
painful and jarring to suffer them.
3. Baritone pixies are special for weighing down the
brain with goofy sounding voices that make me think of
Parkinson's disease sufferers having physical
restrictions on movement and speech.  The weight is a
nerve pain effect every bit as painful as a shrill pixy.

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