Friday, July 19, 2013

Thought Police (aka Pixy) Quotations

Thought Police (aka Pixy) Quotations
Collected by Robert Paul Gass
Below is a small selection of the many pixy quotations that I have written down. Please help protect others against The Thought Police by distributing copies.

"You're wanted at the local police station!" - billowing pixy

"You're wanted in the Kirkland underground!" - billowing pixy

"You go to the local police station and ask to see the look alikes of you from genetics centers that we splinter you into!" "We make you wear pampers cause you're pampered." - billowing pixy reigning mania followed by shrill pixy

"You're wanted at the local poo lease station.  You lease poo there." - shrill pixy

"I just shit a mighty donut!" "It's a doughy nut!" - billowing pixy followed by shrill pixy

"Do you think police are protective because we  call it poop?" - billowing pixy

"We put the cop in coprophilia." - shrill pixy

"Police are God." - pixies in general ad nasuem

"We deserve stuff for letting you in on the actual God complex of doctors." - shrill pixy

"You need to feel it when you ignore us!" - billowing pixy

"Stop raiding our meds! We need to make our presence felt!" - billowing pixy

"We need meds and we need microwave food now!  And we wouldn't say that unless we didn't really need it!" "Actually if he already knew we were using that we would be willing to say it to engage in that warp." - billowing pixy followed by shrill pixy

"We need our tumors rebuilt!" - billowing pixy

"I hate hurting my tumors to protect them!" - billowing  pixy

"We deserve stuff for harming our tumors!" - shrill pixy

"You're not allowed to think about things like electromagnetism and medications!" - billowing pixy

"That's not schizophrenia!!! That's you wanting to take meds!!!" - shrill pixy

"Stop it right now!!! You're not allowed to read!!! It interferes with our telepathy!!!" - billowing pixy reigning mania

"When a police officer tells you to do something you do it!!!" billowing pixy

"Why did we invade Nazi Germany!?! They had police!!! Why did we invade Nazi Germany!?! They had police!!! Why... " - billowing pixy reigning mania

"It's illegal for us to torture people and we torture people!!! It's illegal for us to torture people and we torture people!!! It's illegal for us to torture people..." billowing pixy reigning mania

"How do you know that the meds really moved with the magnet? You could have been hallucinating." "It was right there in front of me physcially! It wasn't a blur in my perception!" - shrill pixy followed by billowing pixy

"Stop bothering me!" "Shut up pretending to be me!" "Stop making us badger our badgers!" - two baritone pixies followed by a shrill pixy

"Why did you take the meds earlier in life?" -shrill pixy

"Why didn't you think it was the meds before?" - shrill pixy

"If we were using meds to do this we would be totally obnoxious about it and you're obnoxious not obeying orders from us so you deserve it. Actually you deserve worse so we deserve stuff for not making it worse." - billowing pixy

"You didn't hear that sound!!!" - billowing pixy reigning mania

"You just had a dangerous thought!!!" - billowing pixy reigning mania

"How do you know those sounds are coming from inside the head?" - shrill pixy

"You're not allowed to think we're using radiowaves to send this!" - billowing pixy reigning mania

"You're not allowed to think it's a radio bandwidth!" - billowing pixy reigning mania

"You're not allowed to think that way about made from scratch foods!" - shrill pixy

"The brainwashing is in the toilet!!!" - billowing pixy reigning mania

"It's trickery under threat of conditioning, not brainwashing." - shrill pixy

"If engaging in sadism on someone's brain for knowing the truth after they've been raised into falsehood isn't brainwashing, then what's brainwashing?" - shrill pixy

"I need a vent when I do that!" - shrill pixy

"We deserve stuff for putting our tumors through so much violence! You give me more meds!" billowing pixy

 "According to that publicly displayed legal system you should be able to sue the shit out of our government for doing this to you. You need to get angry with me forcing you to dwell on that all the time." - billowing pixy.

"You wanna make an autonomic pain sound when I'm trying to get you angry!?! How dare you make an autonomic pain sound when I'm trying to get you angry!!! I want anger!!!" - billowing pixy

"That's your fault he's acting like that!!!" - billowing pixy

"It needs to be like we're right in the room with you when we show ourselves entering!" - shrill pixy

"When we pressure the brain chemistry like that it needs to go outward into a vent!" - shrill pixy

"It's the exact same government and the same connection used when I was talking in my sleep!" "How do you know it's the same connection?" - billowing pixy followed by shrill pixy

"You want to up the ante with white fish protein then we up the ante with the jaw line!" - billlowing pixy reigning mania

"That is supposed to be our coup de grace to do that with the throat muscles." - billowing pixy

"Your step parents must be having auditory hallucinations also!" - billowing pixy reigning mania

"You're not allowed to muffle us when we are shouting through the throat like that! It makes it sound like it's being forced over you!  It needs to be you!" - billowing pixy reigning mania

"Go out and rape a girl and you'll see how protective we are!" - billowing pixy reigning mania

"How does fear of electric shocks to the head relate to a midlife crisis?" - billowing pixy

"You need to get over the fact that you can't get a girlfriend and just give us meds." - shrill pixy

"You're having a midlife crisis wanting to feel young." - shrill pixy

"It's very convenient for us that you didn't find out until your thirties because we get to claim you're suffering a midlife crisis." - shrill pixy

"You wouldn't have refused to take meds if you had known about it earlier in life because you're going to take meds right now!"  "Hey! You're supposed to go with me! I was trying to go get my meds!" - billowing pixy reigning mania followed by shrill pixy

"I hate that diet and exercise program!" - shrill pixy

"It's mock kundalini yoga!" - baritone pixy

"Mr. yoga man. He wants to be a Mr. yoga man. Mr. yoga man... Hey! You know why I'm saying that!?! I'm saying that to get you angry and when you don't get angry I have to start acting violent!!!" - barrione pixy

"You fuck that dog not giving us a sex drive! You fuck that dog in the ass!" - baritone pixy

"How dare you make us feel like physical brain blockage with no new medications coming in." - shrill pixy

"I hate feeling radioactive just to talk to you." - shrill pixy

"We need to get something for all the violence we're engaging in."  - billowing pixy

"We want our night stick back in the center of our brain. We should never have to shock you from the  hopalog cassidy itself." - shrill pixy

"Stop making us feel poisonous  to our blood stream." - shrill pixy

"We need to drive you insane or kill you!!! That means we need mother fucking meds!!!" baritone pixy

"It's actually reverse psychology because we want you to stay off the meds so you might as well take the meds." - shrill pixy

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